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Elite Performance Institute provides athletes a state of the art performance training center equipped with sport specific training equipment. Our distinctive facility takes athletes through each phase of training: preparation, work, recovery. Click each tab below to view more detailed information about the services we offer.

We take athletes through each phase of training.


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EPI’s training programs empower athletes to improve their performance and decrease the potential risk of injury. Each of our training programs begins with a functional movement screening to identify an athlete’s strengths and weaknesses, and fundamental movement compensations. Our high intensity workouts are customized and built for each individual’s ultimate fitness goals so they are able to reach their peak performance level. EPI uses state of the art training equipment that focuses on power developed through strength and speed of movement. EPI incorporates mobility and stability exercises of the pillar that provides every individual a strong basis for not only functional movements but also optimal performance in sports and life. Each of our programs are designed to meet the demands of an athlete’s specific sport. All of our training is instructed by a Certified Performance Specialists.


EPI’s goals are to identify and change your nutritional habits to help athletes transform their bodies. Proper nutrition improves an athlete’s energy, endurance, strength and capacity. It also aids in an athlete’s recovery process and overall healthy lifestyle. EPI teaches an athlete how to properly select foods to fuel and hydrate their bodies to meet their individual body composition goals. Custom programs are available through our partnerships with select nutritional and supplement based companies that share EPI’s nutritional values. These partners provide meal plans and supplements with a variety of price structures and options available to the individual athlete.

Please see our Nutrition page for further details and information regarding our nutritional partners.


EPI provides education to our athletes to teach the methodologies and sciences behind our fitness regime. We instill in our athletes proper nutrition guidelines and training techniques so they can be at their best, both on and off the field.


EPI offers consulting services for organizations and programs to help your team reach their fitness goals. Services offered include pre-season training sessions, on-site and mobile; Post-season nutrition and training programs; Performance testing and evaluations.


EPI uses revolutionary injury prevention techniques while training. However, we know that every athlete suffers an injury at one point in their career and EPI has partnered with Drayer Physical Therapy Institute, an on-site physical therapy group, to help our athletes work through the rigors of returning to peak performance levels. Drayer provides our athletes a complimentary injury screening and top of the line injury rehabilitation plan tailored to every individual.